Dec 072016

MSD’s new Community Investment Strategy policy requires individual client information (identifying data) from contracted non-profit service providers. This policy is generating quite a bit of discussion around the sector and Trevor McGlinchey from Christian Council of Social Services (NZCCSS) asks whether Commu-nity groups are to be Defacto Arms of Government!
It came to Trevor’s attention recently when the Request for Proposals (RFP) for the new style budgeting programme, Building Financial Capability, was released. Buried in the RFP supplementary information is the requirement to provide Individual Client Level Data, or ICLD. This individual data includes the re-quirement to provide “Client Name, address, gender, date of birth, primary ethnicity, Iwi. Dependents Name, date of birth, relationship to client”. The following analysis is from his recent blog.
The latest update to the Community Investment Strategy (link below) spells out the new requirement: “Starting from July 2016, we will begin collecting individual client level data (client level data) from providers. We will do this progressively over the year, so that we are collecting client level data from all providers by July 2017.” This means that all Community Investment funded service providers will be required to collect and provide to government Individual Client Level Data.

see full article HERE

Our position:

At its November 2016 meeting the SEWN  Board resolved that it “strongly stands against the move by the Ministry of Social Development to oblige contracting NGO’s to provide the personal information of clients and their dependants.”  We would be happy to lend our support to any initiatives that the sector is taking in relation to this.








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