Third Sector Recovery Report – forum summary

Summary of Taking Stock – a forum to learn about central and local government’s and funders’ initiatives that support sector recovery

23 May 2017

This forum, convened by Social Equity and Wellbeing Network, was held as part of a stocktaking exercise in relation to the CERA-initiated report Third Sector / Not-for-Profit Sector Recovery in Post-Earthquake Christchurch.  The report contains over 30 Action Points to aid in the recovery and wellbeing of the third / not-for-profit sector.  Some of the Action Points identify a main stakeholder group that they apply to.  Funders and central and/or local government were included in the stakeholder groups.

Lots has been happening for sector wellbeing since the earthquakes, resulting in progress on some of the Action Points.  SEWN invited a sample of funders, and of central and local government units that were closely involved with the sector, to talk about what their organisations were doing that supported or aligned with any of the Action Points.

Following the speakers, participants joined in a discussion about what the speakers had shared, and various issues and initiatives relating to the sector.

Additionally, sheets with the Action Points from the report were spread around the room.  People were invited to add relevant initiatives that they knew of to any of the sheets.

Read the full summary:

 Sector recovery hui summary Jun17